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Bringing Fido Home!

There is so much excitement when we decide to adopt our new family member!

Trainer Tuesday!

Eve Molzhon is a dog expert. She gives a few training tips & building bonds with your dog.

Social Butterflies!

Dogs are social by nature. I’m going to talk about dog parks. Dogs need the social interaction that

Good Dog!

Do you talk to your dog? I do! We talk to our dogs as part of training and to be leader of the pack.

A Few of Fido’s Essential Needs

Your dog has any number of needs. We cover the important ones and why they are important.

The Meaning of Fido

This Mini-Episode covers the meaning and origination of Fido as a name for dogs. For The Love Of All Dogs!

Wag Woof Love Podcast Trailer

~ In this is new podcast about dogs. I bring my expertise to the podcast and offer solutions to some…

Holiday Dangers For Your Dog – What to look for & how to avoid them.

The holiday season is here. For many that means family, friends, and celebrating to one degree or another. While this is a needed respite for many, the holiday season can be a dangerous time for your dogs. Here are a few things to consider while keeping your dog safe...

Seat Belts for Dogs & Riding in the Car

It's always fun to see people driving with their dogs – nose sticking out of the window, ears flapping around, or an attentive stare at the other cars passing by. However, not all dogs get the same kind of enjoyment out of being in a car. Motion sickness can be a...

Four Tips for Choosing Your Dog’s Food

Choosing your dog's food is complicated with all the different opinions coming at you from every corner. There are the proponents for raw food who argue that your dog will avoid ingredients that they may be allergic to such as soy. You have the commercial voices...

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